God has blessed me with many friends but I would like to tell you about three who have been around for many, many years. Since our children were small, now our children are grown with grown children of their own.

If you read my poems, Friends and The Dinner Party, they were written for these three women. If I had been blessed with sisters from birth, I could not have loved them any more than I love these women.

I met all of them when we worked at St. Maryís Hospital.

Iíll start in alphabetical order as I always do with them because I donít want them to think one is more important than the other and they know this.


 Dottie writes poems and short stories and like me is working on the great American novel. She is also an artist, a very talented lady. 

My story, A Celebration of Love, is about this great gal and Christmas of 2000 combined with a story from my childhood. If you read the story, you will find out just how great she is and why I love her so much. So, please read it if you havenít. 

Also, I've added some of Dottie's poems and stories. You'll find then on the index page.



Mary inspired my poem, Listen. We went out for some shopping and lunch one day and over lunch we were discussing the new Charismatic movement. We had been to several of their meetings and enjoyed them until at one of the lectures we were told that we could be taught to speak in tongues. We both agreed that was not something that was taught. It is a GIFT from the Holy Spirit.

Mary asked me how I perceived the Holy Spirit, was He quiet or did He come in a way as to make me shout and jump for joy. I said for me HE was always quiet and filled me with peace and serenity. I had to be quiet and listen.

When I got home that afternoon, the poem came to me. A gift from the Holy Spirit.

Mary is a very down to earth person and what you see is what you get, there is no pretence with her and she will tell you what she thinks about any subject in a heart beat.

She bemoans the fact that she has no talent. I need to tell Mary that talent is an ability, a gift. She may not be artistically inclined but she has many gifts and abilities. She has the ability to make good and lasting friendships. The ability to make her friends laugh and pick them up when they are feeling down. The gift of seeing the beauty in all of Godís creations. Mary, if I had to choose, I would rather have those talents than to be artistically inclined. I love you for your talents.


Iíll tell you the kind of friend Shirley is. I had to have some very minor surgery back in the early eighties, nothing to worry about, so I told my husband and two sons that I didnít want them to take off work. I would only be in the hospital over night and they could come visit me in the evening. Well, Shirley insisted she would go with me. In fact she picked me up and took me.

We arrived at the hospital about an hour before the surgery was scheduled and after asking me all the routine questions, the nurse told me to remove my dentures.

I said, " Oh no, donít tell me I have to take my teeth out in front of my friend."

To which Shirley replied, " No problem." and reached up and removed her dentures.

There we sat. Two toothless old women, grinning at each other. You just canít beat a friend like that.

Now, Iíd like to tell you about a new friend I have met here on the web. I have met some very nice people here but this lady is great. She has been a huge inspiration and help to me. She has a beautiful Christian site and I have added her to my links. If you have not visited her site, please do. You will be glad you did. Her name is Lin and her site is Lindaís Cozy Corner. ( I'm so sorry to say Lin no longer has her beautiful site)

I thank God every day for friends. There is nothing in this world as wonderful as a loving family and I consider all my friends to be a part of my family.