God Is The Author


I am a ghostwriter holding the pen,

God is the author telling me where to begin

 What He'd have me say to the children of men.

He has me tell of His love divine,

How in all the world, no truer love we'll find

And how He gave His life for yours  and mine.

Itís all been said before but He wants us to hear

That in this wicked world of sorrow and tears,

With Him by our side, thereís nothing to fear.

Some will listen, some will not hear

But He loves each of us so very dear

And if we let Him, He will always be near.

So, I take up my pen hoping youíll look

And praying, His message into your heart took.

Youíll find itís all true by reading His book.

Youíll find that itís all written there

By Gods own hand with loving care.

His gospel of Love, free for all to share.

©Lora Cox