Fall and Winter  Blessin's


The days are gettin’ shorter, I feel autumn in the air,

Ole dog’s snoozin’ in the sun without a single care.

It’ll soon be time for Jack O Lanterns and little kids so sweet

Runnin’ from door to door, hollerin’ Trick or Treat!!!

The days are much cooler and it makes me kinda perky

It won’t be long now ‘fore we’re carvin’ up the turkey.

Then ‘fore you know it, St. Nick’ll give the chimney a sweep,

Leavin’ lots of presents and in our stockin’ somethin’ sweet.

Then after that, fire works in the night sky will appear

And bells everywhere will be ringin' in a brand new year.

I love fall and winter, even though it does get  colder,

And it means that soon, I'll be  gettin’ just a little older.

But I thank the Lord for givin’ me  these seasons to behold,

'Cause I could have died young, instead of livin’ to be so old.

Lora Cox


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