I was searching for a good book to read

One cold and rainy day,

I scanned my bookshelves high and low,

And much to my dismay

I couldn’t find that certain book

That would meet my expectations,

I was looking for mystery, intrigue

Romance, excitement, and inspiration

A book with characters true to life

They could almost step out of the pages,

To let me share their lives for a while

Through time and through the ages

Then back in a corner on the top shelf

I found an old book bound in leather,

I began to turn the worn creased pages

Surprised that it still held together

Here was the book I’d been seeking

It contained everything on my list,

It had been mothers old bible

And those characters really did exist!

So I read that cold and rainy day

Found inspiration, adventure, love and pain,

Everything I had sought, was in that book

Now I read it over and over again !

©Dorothy I McCarty

Please read your bible, don't let it gather dust !