Today I saw two butterflies

Floating through the air

When I beheld their beauty

I knew God made this pair.

Such tiny little bodies

Holding up their wings

Only God Almighty

Could make such precious things.

Yes, it was God who made them both

And God who set them free

He did the same with all mankind

Including you and me.

Butterflies don't have a choice

No path that they must choose

They just fulfill the Lord's intent

They cannot win or lose.

But life for us is different

It isn't quite the same,

For we can turn out backs on God

And play the devil's game.

If we choose the devil's path

The cost is much too high

For Satan will destroy our lives

Then laugh the day we die.

I am one who's made my choice

I will not play the game

I will serve the Lord each day

To glorify His name.

Since the day I made that choice

I've seen life differently

For now I see the things of God

The things He's done for me.

He's given me the breath of life

Put sight into my eyes

And when He wants to see my smile

He shows me butterflies.

by Chick Velasco

Please do not use without permission. Email Chick