If we loved our heavenly Father

The way His Son loves us,

We’d try and be more like Him

And no stones we’d thrust.

Yes, we cast stones on those

With whom we don’t agree,

But Jesus wasn’t guilty of such

He condemned no one, not you, not me.

So, why do we take it upon ourselves

To cast stones in the name of love?

Have we the insight into hearts and souls

Like our Father who reigns above?

Only He knows who is saved

And who walks in Christ’s way.

Only He has the right to judge

When we see Him face to face someday.

So, take the stones and cast them aside

And not at our fellowman.

True love does not condemn

Someone who’s not of our clan.

There are too many denominations

All seeking one common goal

But there is only one God supreme

Who determines the salvation of our souls.

©Lora Cox