Cats In A Stew

Two ole cats sittin’ on a pole

One looked up, said, “Bless my soul,

I ain’t never seen nothin’ so fine

In all these nine lives of mine!

Down yonder lane comes Mr. Billy,

Fish on his line, he caught some dillies.

We gotta sneak down and get us one.

Come on boy, let’s have some fun.”

So, off the pole two cats flew

Sneakin’ around like all cats do.

Mr. Bill put the fish in a pail,

Had one there, looked like a whale.

He washed his hands, went in the house,

Gave a big hug to his spouse,

And while he was there huggin’ his wife

Two cats had the time of their life.

They were thinkin’ this day was a winner

Till Bill found out they ate his dinner.

I’ll tell you folks, the fur sure flew

And dinner that night was cat/fish stew.  

Cats in a stew, cats in a stew!

Tell me folks, how do you do?

Cats in a stew, cats in a stew!

I think that’d be an awful brew!

Cats in a stew, cats in a stew!

Don’t think I’d like it! How about you?

©Lora Cox  


This is my son John's cat Frankie. Is he in a stew or what?




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