My grandmother was a wonderful lady. Iím so thankful God placed her in my life. She called me, Child of Grace. I was a quiet child and sometimes she would ask, "What are you thinking child of grace?"

Of course being a quiet child doesn't mean that I didn't get into mischief and misbehave. Then she'd say, "Why, child of grace. Shame on you!" It broke my heart for her to shame me.

I didnít understand at the time why she called me child of grace.  I thought it meant something very special, that I was special to her. I hope she knew just how very special she was and still is to me. She taught me how to be a child of grace.




What are you thinking child of grace,

Do you hear your Fathers call?

What are you doing child of grace,

Are you giving Him your all?


It was by His grace He claimed you,

Claimed you for His very own,

Gave His only Son to save you,

For all your sins to atone.


Child of grace do you listen

When He whispers in your ear?

Child of grace do you walk with Him

In faith and without fear?


You are His chosen vessel,

Formed by His own hands

He'll fill your soul with riches

If you obey His commands.


Child of grace you are so blessed!

Be thankful for His loving grace,

Draw near and walk with Him

And one day youíll see His face.

©Lora Cox