A Child’s Christmas Prayer


It was a cold Christmas Eve

That night so long ago,

I was a boy, only eight years old

And I had prayed for snow.


I asked the baby Jesus;

I believed in Him, you see,

For He had once been a child

Just the same as me.


I fell fast asleep and dreamed

Of a star that was so bright

And found myself in a stable

Filled with a heavenly light.


I saw a most beautiful lady

And on a bed of straw, a child.

A man with a beard beckoned to me,

He had the kindest smile.


Creeping closer, I stared at the face

Of the sleeping baby Jesus so sweet.

So happy was I to see Him,

I knelt down at His tiny feet.


“Can I hold Him I begged, please?”

She smiled and handed Him to me,

I held His warm little body close.

This was the happiest I would ever be!


Shepherds came to see the Holy One

While Angels sang praises that night,

Glory to God and peace on earth

And the star shone ever so bright.


I awoke with a start and blinked my eyes,

Ran to the window and looked below.

My heart leapt with a rush of joy,

Everywhere I looked was snow!


I couldn’t wait to tell someone.

Who would believe what I had seen?

And I began to wonder,

Was it all really a dream?


Slowly I went down the stairs,

My little sister was already there,

She looked at me strangely and said,

“You have some straw in your hair.”


I picked her up and hugged her tight

Then heard our mother call,

“You can open up your presents now.”

But I’d already had the best present of all!


By Dorothy I McCarty