The presents are opened, the tree stands alone,

Joy and laughter fills our home.

The ham is carved and dinner’s prepared,

I offer thanks for the blessings we’ve shared

And ask that the joy of this Christmas day,

Reach our loved ones who are far away.

That Thy banner of  love will be unfurled

And spread, like a mist, over all the world,

To settle in the hearts of men

So the hatred and the wars will end.

That mans inhumanity will be no more

And every heart become an open door

For Thy sweet spirit to enter in,

This is my prayer, dear Lord, amen.

By Lora Cox ©1991

This poem has been published. All rights reserved


Thank you Lin. May all your seasons be bright and may God bless abundantly.

I'm sorry to say Lin no longer has her beautiful site



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