What Makes A Church

Itís not the building great and grand

Inlaid with costly tile,

Itís not the bricks or stone or sand

That makes a church worthwhile.

Itís not the polished hardwood floors

Or sculptured water front,

Itís not the art glass in the door

Or tinted walls that count.

Itís not the sermons that you preach

Or songs that you may sing,

Itís not the lessons that you teach

Or bells that you may ring.

Itís not the customs you observe

When praising God above,

It only matters that you serve

With hearts that beat with love.

Itís not the going once each week

For blessings that you need,

For youíll be blessed if you will seek

To do some kindly deed.

Itís not the pews of ash or birch,

Itís not the way you give,

Itís not these things that make a church,

Itís just the way you live.

Rev. W. P. Harmon



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