I met this friend not long ago
But of her ways, I've come to know.
Although she lives so far away
She sends email everyday.

She tells me all she has done,
And makes me laugh, she's so much fun.
She cleans the house, scrubs the floors,
Paints the porch, even hangs up doors!

I tell you, this lady is so neat,
In her basement, she pours concrete.
Some may think she's fanatic
The way she scours her attic.

I know she'll go to the promised land
With a dust mop in her hand.
St. Peter will meet her at the golden gate,
She'll say, "Step aside, I've no time to wait.

There's too much Star Dust here a gleaming.
I must get busy with my cleaning.
Those clouds could stand a little fluffing,
Move aside, and quit your huffing.

And that Rainbow there needs paint.
I didn't come here to be a Saint.
Just let me go, let me clean
And Heaven will shine like you've never seen."

So, step aside St. Pete, give her room
'Cause here she comes with her broom.
There's only one way to stop that Harriett,
That's to tie her up with a golden lariat.

Please don't give her a sleeping pill
Or, the Milky Way, she will spill. (
Sorry, private joke)

I tell you, I've never seen the like!
Sure hope she don't tell me to take a hike!
I'm only trying to say, "Slow Down."
So, in Heaven she can enjoy her crown.

By Belle for Harriett, just for fun 'cause she IS the Queen of Clean!

Give this lady a visit. You'll be glad you did! She is also an excellent writer of inspirational  poems and stories. Just click on her name.

Harriett Dash

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