Today the snow is falling

The sky is dark and gray,

Yet my heart knows a place

Where flowers bloom each day.

The wind is brisk and blustery

Swirling the snow around,

Still, in my heart I know

Where wild ferns can be found.

Deep within an Emerald forest

Thereís a lovely little glade

Where the sun is always bright

And springtime never fades.

I wander there in reverie

Beside a gentle, babbling brook,

And the canopy of a mighty Oak

Becomes my own cozy nook.

Itís a place for quiet reflection,

A place for humble prayer,

And in the peaceful stillness

My Saviour meets me there.

I forget about the snow,

The wind and gray skies overhead,

For deep within my heart

I know my soul has been fed.

So when skies are dark and gloomy

I donít let it worry me.

I retreat to my world within

Where Iím content as I can be.

©Lora Cox





Midi Daydreams is
used with permission 
and is copyright © Bruce DeBoer