Wars and Rumors of Wars


Dear Lord, you told us, there would be wars and rumors of wars

And I know each nation has its battle scars,

But itís so hard Lord, to think of the innocent lives that are lost

And itís always the innocent who pays the cost.

In the heart of each parent are sincere and fervent prayers,

Please Lord, hear them and ease their pain and cares.

Give comfort to the wife who in sorrow waits alone

And all the little children who need their parents home.

Please Lord, send your angels to protect the ones who fight

For peace and freedom, God and country and what is right.

Give peace to the ones who wait and please calm their fears,

Bring our soldiers home Lord, to the ones who love them dear.

And please Lord, when itís over and all is said and done

May we live in peace and may our freedom be won.

Not just for America Lord, but for all who are oppressed

And in each heart and soul Lord, may you be our eternal guest.

©Lora Cox

Midi is, Cruel War