My dearest friends, Im thinking of you today

so thought Id send a little note to say

thank you for "being there" through all the years,

for giving me laughter and drying my tears,

for support and comfort, all your prayers too,

I am surely blessed, having friends so true.


Weve shared good times, bad times and in between

and through it all, youve always been

an inspiration, a pure delight,

a model of courage, a guiding light.

Weve shared hopes and dreams, our ultimate goals,

looked into our hearts and unveiled our souls.


The beauty I find in your souls is rare,

the beauty is; that you care, you share.

Giving of yourselves, a precious gift indeed,

giving of yourselves to those in need.

I ask God to bless you in all you do

and I thank God for friends like you.


For Dottie, Mary and Shirley

Your loving friend, Lora

Lora Cox




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