Dear John, I ran across your picture just the other day

And why I’ve kept it all this time I can’t really say.

It only serves to remind me of how you broke my heart

When your lyin’ lips vowed that we would never part.

I thought you were so handsome, the only man for me,

But those rose colored glasses made it hard for me to see.

The nights you came home late, you sure had me fooled.

It took me way to long, in the ways of life, to be schooled.

Then when I said, “It’s over!” and finally gave it up,

You came crawlin’ back, beggin’ like a misbehavin’ pup.

But I learned my lesson and I said, “No! Now we’re through!

Good riddance to bad rubbish and mister, that means you!”

I’m sendin’ back your picture, which I thought to light a match

But instead, on your face I drew a big ole handlebar moustache.

It really gave me satisfaction, and I laughed until I cried,

When I drew a wart on your nose, I laughed till I almost died.

But all good things come to an end; I have to mail it now you see,

I’ve had my fun, now I’m done and no more you’ll hear from me.

But I’m wishing you the very best and hope you have a happy life

‘Cause I’m just so thankful that I’m no longer your wife.


©Lora Cox

Midi, It Only Hurts For A Little While

sequenced by Harry Todd