I feel like a tiny insignificant speck
dwelling apart in the human race.
I see the world around me changing
and some things I can't seem to face.

What good am I in this big world?
I am old, my body wracked with pain.
I have loved ones far away
that I may never see again.

I turn on the TV, see the news.
Nothing good there that I can see.
People killing one another every day
and it's quite depressing to me.

I sit here and worry and cry
because there's nothing I can do
to change the things happening outside
and seems those who care are few.

Oh but then I rethink the situation
and pick myself up from despair
for there is something I can do!
I get down on my knees in prayer.

Depression is a terrible waste of time
if you dwell on things too long
it will make you sicker than you are
and sure won't help right a wrong.

I don't have much to give the world,
just my time and the fact I care,
but I believe that miracles are made
just by saying a little prayer.

So, if you are depressed about the world
don't just sit around and mope.
Get down on your knees in prayer
for with God, there's always hope.

ŠLora Cox

This poem is not about Clinical Depression. That is a medical condition. This poem is about emotional depression.



Music is Only Wish, an Original by Jalal Ali