Theyíre coming for dinner,

Three of my best friends

So it has to be special

And on me it depends.

Oh what will I make

Thatís fit for queens?

Maybe roast or steak

But certainly not beans.

Maybe Iíll make Italian,

Maybe it should be Greek.

Meat loaf wonít do

Or fish from the creek.

Oh! I know what it will be!

Nothing fancy for me to tend

For theyíre much better than queens,

Theyíre just down to earth, good friends.

Iíll make kraut and spare ribs,

Stewed tomatoes, macaroni and cheese

With a big pan of cornbread

And dinner will be a breeze.

Iíll make a light dessert of Jell-O.

Weíll drink coffee, talk till our ears bend,

Set a mood thatís soft and mellow,

ĎCause thatís the way it is with friends.

Just happy to be together,

To reminisce or console.

Itís not food for the body we seek,

Itís nourishment for the soul.

By Lora Cox ©2000





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