Sometimes I get to thinking

Of our long and distant past,

Of all the things weve seen and done

And how our fate was cast.

And sometimes I get to thinking

Of all the laughter and the tears

That we have shared together

Down through these many years.

And I wonder as Im thinking,

Just every now and then,

If I had to make a choice,

Would I do it all again?

So, I think about the good times

And the bad times I recall.

Each a mixture of the thing called life

And I would want to have it all.

For the tears were merely pearls

But the laughter was pure gold,

Each one etched within my heart

Loving memories to have and hold.

And in our life of good and bad

I believe God had a hand,

And it seems that things worked out

Just the way that He had planned.

So, when I get to thinking

As I'm sometimes prone to do,

I know I'd do it all again

And thank God He gave me you.

By Lora Cox 2002




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