I believe in the world and itís bigness and splendor,

That most of the hearts beating around us are tender,

That days are but footsteps and years are but miles,

That leads us to beauty and singing and smiles;

That roses that blossom and toilers that plod,

Are filled with the glorious spirit of God.

I believe in the purpose of everything living,

That taking is but the forerunner of giving,

That strangers are friends that we someday shall meet,

And not all the bitter can equal the sweet,

That creeds are but colors, and no man has said

That God loves the yellow rose more than the red.

I believe in the path that today I am treading,

That I shall come safe through the dangers Iím dreading,

That even the scoffer shall turn from his ways,

And someday be won back to trust and to praise,

That the leaf on the tree and the thing we call man,

Are sharing alike in His infinite plan.

I believe that all things that are living and breathing

Some richness of beauty to earth are bequeathing,

That all that goes out of this world leaves behind,

Some duty accomplished for mortals to find.

 That the humblest of creatures our praise is deserving,

For it, with the wisest, the Master is serving.

  By Edgar Guest