My First Thanksgiving Dinner


It was my turn to cook Thanksgiving dinner

For our large family that fateful year

Eighteen people to plan for in all you see,

And they were coming here!

I picked out the plumpest turkey

My cookbook I did faithfully follow

Somehow I forgot to stuff the bird

So from the oven it came quite hollow!

My potatoes were lumpy, gravy too

My pumpkin pies just fell apart

It was really down hill after that

I sat down and cried, I lost heart!

I grabbed the phone in panic

Dialed a restaurant that I found near

“Help” I cried in desperation,

“You have to help me here!”

I rattled off my whole tale of woe

Then came a woman’s voice so kind

“Calm down” she said ever so sweet,

"I can see that you are in a bind”

With a promise of help I waited

Then a knock at my front door

The cavalry had come to my rescue,

In she came with steaming food galore!

Mounds of dressing, potatoes and gravy

Cranberries, yams, corn, to dazzle my eyes

Enough food to feed an army,

Then came pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies!

Before she left, the kind lady smiled

“Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear

Long ago the very same happened to me,

And that is why I am here.”

I went to that restaurant later you see

To thank her, the bill I was happy to pay

But no one knew of the woman I spoke,

Or of the food delivered that day!

Time has passed now and over the years

I have pondered this strange mystery

Who ever she was I will never forget,

My Thanksgiving Angel,

and what she did for me!

©Dorothy I. McCarty




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