Forest Cathedral


Above the misty mountain peaks

The sun climbs once more,

Spreading its warmth across the land

And onto the forest floor.

Dark ferns raise their arms

To capture the golden rays

Filtering through the trees

Where a gentle breeze plays.

Sparrows, Thrush and Robins,

Grosbeaks, Titmouse, all on the wing

Blending their songs in harmony

With praises to heaven sing.

I wander there in solitude

Far from the cities mournful sighs

Where scenes of natures beauty

Unfold before my eyes.

I join nature in her praises

Giving thanks to God above

For the serenity of the forest

That displays His wondrous love.

I see it in each flower that blooms

Hear it from each bird that sings.

I feel it in the gentle breeze

For His love made these things.

My soul responds to the beauty

Of nature that surrounds me there.

Deep within my forest cathedral

 I walk with God in prayer.

ŠLora Cox



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