You Know Who You are


She knows my heart,

She knows my mind

And sometimes I think

We’re two of a kind.

She knows when I’m happy,

She knows when I’m blue.

The phone rings and she says,

"I was just thinking of you.

How are you doing?

Tell me what’s new.

Mind if I come over

And spend time with you?

Why don’t we go shopping?

Stop and have lunch.

It will be my treat

If your purse has a crunch.

So, off we go on a spree

As close as friends can ever be.

I’m so thankful God sent her to me,

She comes with a bonus, lunch is free.

But seriously, I want her to know

That I really love her a lot

And she’s my best friend

For always, free lunch or not.

For she has a heart of purest gold,

Always giving of herself

And I wouldn’t trade her friendship

For all of this worlds wealth.

©Lora Cox


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