From The Manger To The Cross


It was not quiet on the hill that day,

With Joseph and Maryís cries.

The laughter, the gambling of the Roman guards

As they waited for Jesus to die.

Imagine Joseph and Maryís thoughts that day

Seeing their son nailed to the cross,

There could be no heartache, no sorrow, ever,

To compare with their feelings, their loss.

This was the baby Mary had sang to sleep

And had nursed and cared for, for years.

Now, this was the man who hung from the cross

Though she could barely see Him 

because of the tears.

From the manger to the cross

Her son had healed and loved, from year to year.

She could not understand, who would have thought,

His paths would lead Him here.

They were killing a man, the "King of the Jews"

Who had caused no one any pain.

They were sure His death 

would put an end to His deeds,

But, they didnít know their hate was in vain.

He was sent to accomplish a mission

Through suffering and pain, at all cost.

Accomplish His mission He certainly did,

All the way from the manger to the cross.


This was composed by Charlene West

on Easter, 1985. Charlene was a dear friend. She

has gone home to her father. I miss her but she had

a hard life and I know she is happy now.