Sometimes itís hard to tell

A good day from a bad

For the living of today

Seems like the one I just had.

A continuation of yesterday

With all its aches and pains,

I take a few steps forward

But they donít register as gains.

And as my day begins

I wonder where to start.

The windows need a cleaning

But I donít have the heart.

They say getting older has its perks

But I think itís  the opposite,

As I look around at the mess

All I want to do is sit.

And no matter what I choose to do

If I stick with it till itís done

The day is over much too soon

And thereís no time left for fun.

 Growing older has made me slow

Iím just not what I used to be.

What I used to do in one day

I find it now takes me three.

So Iíve decided to put off till tomorrow

What I might get done today

And go out and have some fun

For life too soon slips away.

Now I had to make a choice

Between work or having fun

And I can tell you all

Without a doubt, fun won.

The house will still be standing

With all its dust and grime

And I know I should be cleaning

But I just donít have the time.


©Lora Cox


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