Good friends are like the sunshine

On a dreary winters day,

They pop up unexpectedly

And chase the gloom away.

It may be with a phone call

A card or email they thoughtfully post

But they have a way of knowing

Just when you need them most.

They’re like a garden in summer

Each flower it’s own lovely hue,

Each blooming there with love,

Each one a friend so true.

Like sunshine on the flowers

Comes the warmth from their heart

And the friendship grows lovelier

Even if we are apart.

I have a lovely, sunny garden

With good friends planted there

Who fill my heart with joy

By showing that they care.

We need the love of good friends

Like the earth needs the sun

And I thank my God on high

For giving me each and every one.

©Lora Cox


God Bless all my dear friends