The Lord must have liked us, I say when I see

The blossom of the rose and the green of the tree,

The flash of the wing of a bird flitting by,

The gold of the grain and the blue of the sky,

The clover below and the tall pines above,

Oh, thereís something about us the good Lord must love.

The Lord must have liked us I say when I stand

Where the waves like an army come into the land,

With the gulls riding high on the crest of the breeze

And the ducks flying north in their echelon Vís,

The sun slipping down into liquefied gold,

Oh, itís then the great love of the Lord I behold.

The Lord must have liked us, I say at the dawn

When the diamonds of dew gleam and glow on the lawn,

And the birds from their throats pour the red wine of song

As if life held no burden of sorrow or wrong;

The Lord must have loved us, I whisper just then,

To give such a world to the children of men.

The Lord must have liked us, I say as I pass

The nest of a meadow lark deep in the grass,

Or hear in the distance the quail calling clear

And know that his mate and babies are near;

Oh, I say to myself as His wonders I see,

The Lord loves us all or this never would be.

By Edgar Guest

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