Thereís nothing I can do to win Your love,

Not one thing I can do or say,

And there are times I feel so unworthy

That I canít even pray.

Sometimes itís so hard to imagine

That Your gift of love is free,

That grace, greater than all my sins

Is the gift You bestowed on me.

Please help me Lord to remember,

I need but walk in Your light,

To know Your grace is sufficient

And I am precious in Thy sight.

And though my sins I can not hide,

They are washed away by Your grace,

Freely bestowed on this unworthy one

By Jesus who died in my place.

Then when my life on earth is finished,

By Your tender mercies and grace,

I will walk through the gates of heaven

And feel Your loving embrace.

©Lora Cox



Midi, Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine, from