When you were a kid, or even as an adult, did you ever go out in the woods with a pail in each hand to pick blackberries? It's a lot of fun isn't it? *S* No matter how good you have the cuffs of your shirt and pants tied, those chiggers find you. And if that isn't enough, the bushes reach out and grab your clothes like they never want to let you go and the more you struggle, the tighter they hold. But we didn't mind all that because we knew what wonderful treats were in store for us.

My niece gave me some blackberries a while back and I was wondering what to do with them. So, I got to thinking of all the wonderful dishes  my grandmother made with them, so, naturally, I just had to make up some silly verses. The verses are silly but the things they talk about sure were mouth watering and delicious.


Granny’s Blackberry Jam


Eggs in the skillet

Biscuits in the oven

And a platter full of ham.

Breakfast is great

But what we’re really lovin’

Is Granny’s blackberry jam.


Granny’s Blackberry Cobbler


Taters in the pot a boilin’ with fresh snap beans,

And everybody sure is hungry it seems.

Dressin’s in the oven with the old turkey gobbler

But everyone’s eyin’ Granny’s blackberry cobbler.


Granny’s Fried Blackberry Pies


Granny’s in the kitchen hummin’

So we all know somethin’ good’s comin’

And we’re all hopin’ for a big surprise.

Like some of Granny’s fried blackberry pies


Granny's Blackberry Dumplin's


Granny made a lot of treats with her pumpkin's

For all her sweet, little bumpkin's

But  they really loved  Granny's blackberry dumplin's.


Granny’s Blackberry Wine


Blackberry pickin’ with bushes stickin’

And even the chiggers we don’t mind,

‘Cause come next winter, with our dinner,

We'll get a jigger of Granny’s blackberry wine.

I really think I should sign this ANON

I told you it was silly!


Background is from Royalty Free Disc