My granny’s flower garden was a beautiful sight,

The variety of colors filled my heart with delight.

I recall how she tended with such loving care

Each delicate flower that grew and  blossomed there.

She took no pains when it came time to sow,

Just mixed all the seeds and watched them grow,

And oh how they thrived there all together

Growing tall and strong even in stormy weather.

And my granny was often heard to say,

" I sure wish  people could grow that way.

Living in peace and harmony, each human race,

Not giving thought to the color of the face,

But standing firm together against life’s storms,

 For I believe that's the reason we were born.

In the garden of life we’re planted as seeds

Meant to blossom and tend each others needs.

 We should live our lives like the flowers

Giving a fragrance of love in sun or showers.

Our garden of life will be free of weeds

If we only plant and tend loving seeds."


©Lora Cox



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