You see me with gossamer wings

Dressed in robes of purest white,

Glistening like gold

With a heavenly light.

You see me as a child

With innocence sweet,

Laughing, dancing, singing

Around the throne; at Jesusí feet.

You see me in a friend

Who is tried and true

And you know I was sent

Down to earth for you.

I am none of these,

And yet I am all.

I am spirit, I am essence,

Sent to answer your call.

I feel the beat of your heart,

I hear the pleas of your soul,

And softly whisper wisdom

So you may reach your goal.

You hear my whisper

So soft and sweet in your ear

And you know all is well,

Thereís nothing to fear.

For Iím always by your side.

I look upon all your ways,

I am here for guidance

When your lonely heart strays.

I guide your footsteps

That you may not stumble

And you may know me only,

When your heart is humble.

Iím your guardian angel

Sent from our Father above

To guide your heart and soul

To His eternal love.

So when you feel my presence,

Know the work that I do

Is simply because, of the love

Our Father has for you.

©Lora Cox

This poem was inspired by my friend Sharon "Angel Heart" 

Midi "Soul Song" is
used with permission 
and is copyright © 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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