Come listen to me and I値l tell you a tale

of a magic night when the moon is pale,

when Jack-O-Lanterns lighted everywhere

lend an eerie glow to the frosty air.

It痴 a night that comes but once a year,

when strange and creepy creatures appear.

You値l see little red devils and big black bats,

dancing bones and hissing cats,

hero痴, villain痴, princes and kings,

broom-stick riders and nameless things.

Hoboes, mummies and aliens too,

they値l all do their best to frighten you.

You値l see them all running up and down

every street, in every town.

They carry big bags and let out a shriek

that sounds a lot like, " Twik or Tweet"!

They run to your door and open their sack

for apples or candy, on which to snack.

So give lots of goodies before they flee

or they値l be back and T.P. your tree.

But you値l be so glad that you have seen

all these neat creatures, on Halloween.

By Lora Cox 1984

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