He Has Led All The Way


When the road of life seemed rough to tread
And my sunny skies turned gray
I had a friend who stood by me
And He's led me all the way.

When my foot has stumbled on the path
And my heart has gone astray
He was always right by my side
He's led me all the way.

He's led me through the valley dim
He's led me through the storm 
He will stay right by my side
And keep me from all harm.

Yes, He's held my hand in times of pain
And when sorrows filled my day
He's lifted me up from deep despair
He's led me all the way.

I'll sing His praise from morn till night
And long after my dying day
He's been my comfort and my stay
He's led me all the way.

Jesus is that friend of mine
And He will be yours too
Whatever trials on earth you face
He'll lead you safely through.
ŠLora Cox  8/30/08

This poem was inspired by my friend and brother in Christ Pastor Roland Ledoux

Please give Pastor Roland a visit at Oasis Bible Ministry and also Oasis Bible Ministry Prayer Forum