When Jesus Looks


When Jesus looks upon my life,

What picture does He see,

Does He see His own reflection

Or does He just see me?


Does He see His likeness,

The product of His hand

Or just another Christian

Who never took a stand?


Does He see a child of God,

A child that He set free,

Living life to honor Him

Or does He just see me?


What about the other folks

I meet along the way,

Do I show them Jesus,

To brighten up their day?


When someone looks into my eyes

Can they truly see,

That calm and gentle peace of God

That dwells inside of me?


When I reach out and shake a hand

Is He right there in my grip?

Can they feel that strength from God,

That steadies when I slip?


When folks are in my presence

Do they know His Spiritís there?

Can they see that Heís the one

Who guides me everywhere?


When other people think of me

What is on their mind?

Do they think of Jesus Christ

So gentle and so kind?

I try to be like Jesus

Every single day,

Spreading love and kindness

All along the way.


Iím afraid that I have failed,

I could not pass the test.

Deep inside my heart I know,

I havenít done my best.


I have had to fight my flesh

Since the day that I was born.

Itís always causing trouble

And being such a thorn.


Thatís why His Spirit dwells in me,

Heís helping me to learn,

In every situation

Where I need to turn.


He knew Iíd never pass the test

Thatís why He took my place,

He gave His life to save my soul,

He suffered my disgrace.


Now I try to be like Him,

I must present myself well,

So other folks will want His gift

And turn their backs on Hell.


Other folks should see the joy

That Christ has given me,

They should want to have it too,

Especially since itís free.


They should begin to ask me

What it is they must do,

Just how it is they go about

Getting Jesus too.


Then I get to tell them

This wondrous gift is free,

It only takes a humble heart,

A prayer on bended knee.


Someday when Iím face to face

With the Lord who set me free,

Will He see His own reflection

Or will He just see me?

By Chick Velasco

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Art by: ©Erik Hollander