With pegs and washing in my hands

I headed out once more,

To the clothesline in our garden

For the daily laundry chore.


Arriving there, I stopped and placed

The pegs and basket down

Upon the little sandstone wall

That hems our garden 'round.


Picking up the first wet piece,

I hung it out to dry,

But as I reached for number two

An image caught my eye.


There suspended in the air,

Like a quilt upon a line,

Was an itty bitty spider's web -

No bigger than a dime!


Now believe me when I tell you

That I'm really not a fan

Of creepy, crawly bugs and things -

Indoors they all are banned.


But something 'bout this little net,

Each silken thread entwined,

Held captive my attention

For the work was truly fine.


I pursed my lips, and gently blew

Each strand was twitching now -

I hoped the tiny "craftsman"

Might come out and take a bow!


But a spider won't grow very old

If it takes a foolish chance.

Which is why this eight legged spinner

Just ignored the wild web dance.


With no response I turned back to

The wash, with resignation.

It seemed the spider didn't want

My praise and adulation.


And so, instead, I gave it to

The Master of design

The One who made the spider's life,

As well as yours and mine.


'Cause after all, God is the One

To Whom all credit's due.

For the beauty of Creation is

The Lord's work through and through.


From lowly earthworm (gardener's friend),

To the highest mountain peak,

The truth of God is clear to see

For those who care to seek.


So every day, midst work and play,

Take time to give a thought

For the glory of the Father shines

Through everything He's wrought..


Author Unknown to me