There’s a little, white church that stands on a hill,

In memories of yesterdays, I see it still.

I hear all the old hymns we used to sing

And echoing through time, the bell still rings.

I see family and friends all gathered there

With heads humbly bowed in fervent prayer.

I see the preacher, as before the altar he stands

Holding God’s book, reverently, in his hands.

"Just As I Am", came the altar call

On the day I bent down and gave Jesus my all.

Now sixty years have come and past

Since I entered through those doors last.

Gone are the voices that used to sing

And gone is the bell that used to ring,

But the little, white church still stands on the hill

And etched within my memory, it always will.

©2002 Lora Cox

The picture above is titled, Precious Memories and is almost an exact replica of the church I attended as a child and where I gave my heart to the Lord. Precious Memories INDEED!


Art work Copyright© by Paula Vaughan

Midi is, In Moments Like These, from, Quality Christian Midi



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