A Love Letter

Dear Master,

Please look at me for Iím so sad.

Iíve been your best friend but youíre treating me bad.

Look into my eyes, Iím growing old.

Winterís coming on and Iím afraid of the cold.

Youíve neglected my coat; itís matted with dirt.

 Please look at me! Please see how I hurt!

My water bowl is empty; itís dry as a bone.

Oh, how I trusted you to give me a good home.

Please give me a bath and brush my hair, 

Tend to my needs, show me you care.

Iíve been so faithful and I donít understand

Why you neglect me. I need the touch of your hand.

I know you are busy and time is so rare

But I am helpless without you. Please! Show me you care.

Love Forever,

Your best friend, Fido

Lora Cox © 9/30/2000

Please be a responsible pet owner


Midi " Miss You" is used with permission and is copyright ©Bruce DeBoer

Graphic is from, http://www.bordersetsbyinge.nl/index.html

Backgrounds and heart are from Royalty free Disc