You put a sweet melody down deep in my heart

I want to sing your praises from daylight to dark.

You lifted my spirits when they were low

Just want to tell you Lord, I love you so.

Was feelingí kinda down and blue,

That is when your hand reached for me and I saw you.

Your smile was as radiant as the new morning sun,

Let me sing your praises every new dayís dawn.

I want to sing a sweet melody only just for you,

You made my dark sky turn a crystal blue.

You filled my heart with love oh so sublime

Iíll sing my song to you until the end of time.

Let my walk be your way, my talk be pleasin' to you,

Let my song reflect the love I have so true,

Let my eyes shine bright with your sweet love

And reflect the image of God above.

Thank you Lord for giving me a song

Iíll sing your praises all the day long.

I want to be your disciple, draw others too

And someday when itís over, Iíll get to walk with you.

©by Gayle Alatia - Written: 1/12/03 

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