There's a man I know, who loves me so

He laid down His life for me

And I can never repay, in anyway,

For His gift of love is free


For this man I know that I love so

I'll follow Him all of my days.

I'll walk in His light that shines so bright

And forever Iíll give Him my praise.


Do you know Him too did He die for you?

Do you walk close by His side?

Ask Him into your life, Heíll share your strife,

 Heíll be your friend and your guide.


Oh donít you know He loves you so

And longs to give you peace.

Kneel down in prayer; Heíll meet you there

And all of your fears release.


Then join me in song all day long

Praising our Father above,

For in Christ His Son, our victoryís won

By His great, redeeming love.

©Lora Cox


Midi is, We Give You All The Glory

From Quality Christian Midis