Back in the Ď70ís there was a rumor that God was dead. Everywhere I looked, I saw bumper stickers that read, GOD IS DEAD. I thought, well, maybe their God is dead but mine isnít. So I wrote this poem. I hope you like it.



God is not dead for I can see

His face in all humanity,

In each tender, loving deed,

In each color, race and creed.

In the twinkle of a starry night,

In the wings of a bird, taking flight.

In a blade of grass, the mighty sea,

I see His face looking back at me.

God is not dead for I can hear,

His gentle voice so soft and clear

In the lilting laughter of a child,

In drops of rain that fall so mild.

In the soft flutter of butterfly wings

The thunder roll a summer storm brings.

In the quiet buzzing of a bee

He sings His song of love to me.

God is not dead for I can feel

His tender touch that soothes and heals,

In the offering of a strangers hand,

In the love we give our fellowman.

When I feel the petal of a rose

The wind on my face as it blows,

A kiss on the cheek my baby gives,

These things tell me, my God lives.

God is not dead , this I know

He lives within our very soul.

God is not dead for I can see

Visions of ; immortality.

By Lora Cox

©May 1970




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