Painting  Nature


Id love to be an artist

With paint brush in my hand

Painting all of natures beauty

Seen in sky and sea and land.

Id begin with a morning sunrise

Using soft and golden hues

Then add a touch of crimson

With grays fading into blues.

Id capture roses kissed with dew

Sparkling in the morning light,

And upon my canvas Id form

The shape of Geese in flight.

Id paint a colorful meadow

As it comes to life in spring,

And a nest of Robins so lifelike

You could almost hear them sing.

Id paint an awesome waterfall

 Cascading to a lake below

And far off on the horizon,

Mountain peaks capped with snow.

Id paint mighty ocean waves

And a lighthouse on the shore,

All these things I would paint,

These and so much more.

But since I'm not an artist,

On down  life's path Ill trod

Ever in awe of natures beauty,

Painted by the hand of God.

Lora Cox


Midi, I Stand In Awe Of You

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