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Once on a rainy summer day

I watched the children at their play

And oh, how I envied them so

Dancing in the rain to and fro.

So, on that rainy summer day

I joined the children in their play,

Dancing in the rain so free,

Dancing for everyone to see.

And oh how the children laughed

Thinking this old woman was daft.

And as they ran and laughed with glee

I splashed each one who passed by me,

For I was just a child once more

And my watching days were o’er.

Now on each rainy summer day

I join the children in their play.

And when they think that I’m quite mad

I tell them all of the fun I’ve had.

I tell them when they’re as old as me

To just give it a try and they’ll see,

Their hearts will feel no pain

When they’re dancing in the rain.

©Lora Cox





midi, Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Sequenced By Harry Todd



Rain courtesy of Dynamic Drive