Have you ever sat and looked at a tree

and wondered about itís mystery?

Have you noticed, in the early spring,

overnight the leaves suddenly turn to green? (Birth


But then with autumns warm sunlight

they turn to gold and crimson bright. ( Life


And in winter they slowly turn to brown

gliding gently to the ground. ( Death


Then again, in the early spring,

overnight, once more, Emerald green. ( Resurrection


By Lora Cox

This was my first poem. Written in 1970. My two boys were small and I picked them up from school one day and took them to a local park to play on the playground. I stayed in the car where I could watch them. There were a lot of beautiful tall, green trees in the background and I was just thinking how beautiful they were. I have always loved trees. The first line of the poem came to me and something in my head said, "Write this down." All I had was my sons school scratch pad and pencil. I started writing and out came this poem.

I think if we look around at nature we can see proof of resurrection everywhere. Do you think maybe God planned it that way? I do.

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