My Reflection


When I look in the mirror at my reflection

It seems something’s wrong with my complexion.

Where once I saw Peaches and Cream,

Now, Strawberry patches can be seen.

And where it used to be silky and smooth

 There are lines with groove after groove.

Once my lashes were thick and long

But my eyelids drooped and I find they’re gone!

The thick, long hair I once kept neatly in place

Seems to be growing on my face!

My arms that once were slim to the bone

Are now lacking all muscle tone.

And my once slim figure! What happened to it?

All of my clothes no longer fit!

Now as I stare back at my reflection,

Thoughts arise of total dejection.

But wait! I've found some hidden facts!

Looking closer I find; that mirror has cracks!

So;  I'm still the same as I used to be

And that mirror just doesn't see the real me!

Don't I wish!

©Lora Cox

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