Roses and Dandelions

He sings golden songs

With a silver tongue,

He calls me a Rose,

Makes me feel young!


But I知 not a Rose

Nor will I ever be

I知 a lowly Dandelion,

Growing strong and free.


I need no pampering,

No fancy plots,

I知 happy in meadows

Or on mountaintops.


When I知 withered and old

I値l fly far, far away,

Far over the rainbow

To bloom again, another day.


But he may call me a Rose

If he so desires,

For of his praise

I will never tire.


It brightens my day,

Touches my soul

And I know, after all,

That is his goal.


He sends his friendship

Across the miles

With words that are laced

In wisdom, laughter and smiles.


For littlebird  

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Graphic from Sarah Kay

Midi, Somebody from Dolphin Dreams midis