A Cat Named Sam


There was a big cat named Sam

His owner fed him steak and lamb,

He had it easy you might say

That is, until one fine day,

A new cat came to stay.

Sam was outraged to say the least,

He would not share his home with this beast!

So he arched his back, expanded his size,

And stared the intruder right in the eyes.

He bared his fangs, he howled and hissed

By this time Sam was really miffed.

He circled his foe with a renewed vigor,

His growl was fierce; his eyes grew bigger.

Instead of retreating, much to Samís dismay,

She stretched and yawned in her cute little way.

Her big blue eyes were calm and serene,

And, well suddenly Sam didnít feel so mean.

His heart was thumping; his legs were weak,

She came closer; now they were cheek to cheek.

Soon Sam began to purr just for her,

Now they are happy together, never more to part,

You see Sam is just a pussycat at heart!

The end of a catís tale.

Dorothy I McCarty ©2002