What Keeps You from Serving Our Lord


Do material things get in your way

of giving service to our Lord ?

We’re so busy with life and making a living

We forget to give thanks to God

for the many blessings along the way.

I wonder, what if on Judgment Day

you stood before the Lord Jesus

and He asked you in person what

have you done for Him.

Would you bow your head in sorrow

and say I’ve not done anything Lord.

For when in trouble we cry out

oh my Lord please help me end this pain,

I promise to go to church,

read my Bible and never forsake you again.

How quickly we forget when all

is well and life is again running along smoothly

and no time to stop and pray.

What kind of excuse would you give

for neglecting to serve Him?

Would you say you needed to provide

for your family, you’ve been busy,

when you know He has promised

to provide your every need.

An old hymn once asked the question

What would you give in exchange for your soul?

What are you waiting for to serve Him?

Are you waiting for when your youth is over

and you have grown old?

It may be too late then - He called you many times

but you refused to answer Him

and did not respond.

So my friend today is the acceptable day

He may not call again.

Think it over carefully, you may not have a chance tomorrow.

His word says he will come quickly and we never know when.

Please do not let him catch you serving Satan.

Return to God again

By Gayle Alatia © 11/2/2003

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