Needles, Hooks and Books

Sewing is not my thing to do,
I get bored with just a stitch or two.
Embroidery sure isnít my cup of tea,
Threading those needles is hard to see.
Making doilies of lace with crochet hooks,
And reading those patterns is harder than it looks.
YO and SC, and , all those little abbreviations,
Donít help one bit with my creations.
And Iíve tried those needles with which to knit,
I made a sweater and my foot it did fit.
A stitch in time saves nine, so they say,
And save your money for a rainy day.
Well, Iíll take my time and my pennies too
And shop till I drop. Itís MY thing to do.
So, donít give me a needle or one of those hooks.
After I drop from shopping, Iíll curl up with my books

©Lora Cox

For My friend Dottie 
'cause she's a very talented lady except with needle and thread :-)


Background from royalty free disc
Graphic listed as public domain. If you know otherwise, please inform me