Little Miss Sugar and Spice


Today little miss sugar and spice

Is all dressed up so nice,

In her mommy’s very best clothes

From top of head to tip of toes.

Before the mirror she turns and twirls,

Taking bows and fluffing curls.

Today she’s a lady, prim and neat

Looking and smelling oh so sweet.

Yesterday, she didn’t look so sweet

With mud all over her hands and feet.

Playing football was her game

And "Little Lady" was not her name.

Rough and rowdy, this little Tomboy

No dolls or jack’s were her toys.

Holding her own with brothers three

Filled her daddy’s heart with glee.

Now, I know this stage won’t last

Too soon it will be in the past.

Tomorrow she’ll forget about her toys

And she’ll dress up for the boys.

Then a young lady she will be

With best foot forward for all to see.

Miss sugar and spice will become a bride

And fill her daddy’s heart with pride.

Perhaps she’ll have a child of her own

And someday wonder, where the years have flown.

For the stages of life continue on

And before we know it, too soon it’s gone.

But memories will always last

Of golden days in the distant past.

I know she’ll remember, more than once or twice

She was her daddy’s,  Little Miss Sugar and Spice.

By Lora Cox©2002


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