The Carpenterís building a mansion

On a beautiful, sunlit shore.

My name is written on the deed

And stamped, Secure Forevermore.


Itís all been bought and paid for

All I had to do was apply,

Then follow the written instructions

That comes in a book He supplies.


I keep in close touch with the Carpenter

And never stray far from His side

For He has great plans for my future,

He wants me for His bride.


Iíll have a mansion filled with love,

A mansion to call my very own

In a beautiful heavenly setting

From which Iíll never roam.


I can hardly wait for the moment

When the Carpenter says, ďItís time.

Itís time to take you home

Where forever youíll be mine.Ē


Tears of joy will be overflowing

On that grand and glorious day,

When the Carpenter takes me home

And forever in His presence Iíll stay.

©Lora Cox




"The Carpenter" © Frances Hook


Our background MIDI is "When I Am Afraid",
written by Ralph Merrifield,
arranged by Michael L. Jester (from Florida)